Your success as a business depends
on your scalable business model.


The Ninox Group is a dedicated team of professionals who have the proven capability to cover across all functions of a business. 

Held a position of leadership and management for:
+35 years
Managed a portfolio of companies an accumulative revenue of:
+$1 Billion (AUD)
Employees managed:
Worked with and done business in:
13 countries

CEO: Bernard O’Brien

Having been an accomplished and successful senior executive with extensive experience across several industry segments such as food, agriculture, merchandising, consulting, retailing, construction, and the tourism sector for over 35 years, as CEO, Managing Director and Chairman, has now turned his attention to operating his own business, The Ninox Group. His objective is to work with clients to accelerate their own business growth and goals, through a proven and experienced coaching / mentoring practice.

Bernard and The Ninox Group have only in a few years, grown a portfolio of both national and international clients, in different stages of their business life cycles including start up, growth, consolidation, crisis management, restructure, diversification and scaling up.

Bernard supports and works with Company Boards, Senior Executive Teams and individual CEO’s, imparting professional and expert advice. The objective is to develop a harmonious culture of accountability amongst the client’s team members whilst, all being focused and aligned to achieve an agreed strategy and execution plan, resulting in an improved bottom line, a positive cash flow and reaching your personal and commercial goals.  

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